Land-Rover Defender 2.4 TDCi Upgrade turbocharger 752610

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This a a new turbocharger sold without an exchange, meaning you can keep your old unit as a spare.

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1 Year unlimited mileage Warranty

Made in Sheffield, UK.


FALCON TURBOS Plug & Play upgrade turbocharger for Land Rover Defender / Ford Transit 2.4 TDCi

This truck was fitted with a Garrett GTA2052VK turbocharger from the factory, which in our opinion was undersized for this capable engine.
So we developed an upgraded turbocharger larger billet compressor wheel, CNC machined compressor housing and upgraded bearing system to increase the flow of clean air into the engine which not only boosts the torque, power and responsiveness of acceleration, but also burns fuel more efficiently allowing more MPG.

This turbocharger was fully stripped, standard parts replaced with following upgraded parts:

  • 60mm  billet compressor wheel with extended tip
  • Brand new “HELLA actuator
  • Large-pad stainless steel thrust pad & collar
  • 360° bronze thrust bearing
  • Step-gap high temperature oil seals
  • Balanced on ”TurboTechnics” VSR400 rig, to a higher than standard 180,000 rpm
  • Flow tested and set to 15% more exhaust gas flow for lag reduction and smoother boost.

To achieve best results and optimal boost, You would need:

  •  Bigger, front mount intercooler.
  •  Full stainless steel exhaust
  • Custom ECU tune

Other essential requirements while fitting Falcon upgrade turbo:

  • New high-quality oil and oil filter.
  • Brand new oil feed pipe from dealers.
  • Turbocharger fitting kit [provided with this turbo]
  • This Turbochager has to be fitted by qualified technician. Please read our terms and conditions  ->> [here]


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