Why upgrade turbo ?

When it comes to choosing a turbocharger, Falcon upgrade turbochargers offer far more benefits than standard OEM turbochargers. Our turbochargers are designed with superior engineering and materials to provide enhanced power and performance, greater durability and reliability, and improved fuel efficiency.
Falcon turbochargers feature high quality upgraded bearings & seals, larger billet compressor and turbine wheels and precisely CNC machined housings, all of which increase turbo efficiency and durability. With Falcon upgrade turbocharger, the compressor and turbine wheels are larger and more efficient, allowing for more air to be forced into the engine, providing more power and torque. This also leads to improved fuel efficiency as the engine is able to produce more power while burning less fuel.

Upgrade turbochargers also provide greater reliability and durability, as their higher-grade materials and better engineering allow them to withstand higher temperatures and pressures. This results in a turbocharger that will last longer and provide consistent performance.

Finally, our upgrade turbochargers are typically more cost effective than standard OEM turbochargers. With better performance and durability, upgrade turbochargers offer a great value compared to the cost of OEM turbochargers.

For these reasons, upgrade turbochargers are the ideal choice over standard OEM turbochargers. With improved performance, greater reliability and durability, and cost effectiveness, upgrading to an upgrade turbocharger is the best choice.