Sending us your turbocharger

Do you need to send your turbocharger for repair or Ordered a turbocharger on an exchange basis? We have prepared instructions with templates for shipping documents to make this process easier.

The packing and shipping process

  • It is essential that the turbocharger is packed safely so it does not get damaged in transit.

  • Please fill in and enclose the Exchange form & Customs declaration if shipping from outside the UK.
    When sending turbocharger from outside UNITED KINGDOM make sure to add invoice for the delivery courier with shipping documents and place an addition copy of invoice inside the box.

  • We highly recommend sending your exchange unit using international tracked couriers (FEDEX, TNT, DHL, DPD, UPS) for safe shipping.


Turbocharger exchange basis

Most of our turbochargers in stock are upcycled turbochargers returned by our valued customers.
This allows us to keep original turbocharger quality and reduces the carbon footprint of recycling materials.
Exchange basis means leaving a deposit, which represents the value of the used turbocharger in the market, and once the old unit is returned to us, the deposit is fully refunded to your account.
In the event that the old turbocharger is not returned, we keep the deposit and purchase the new turbocharger from breakers or utilisation facilities..